Chromo Zone Gender Reveal Party

My niece is expecting her first baby and we hosted a Gender Reveal party for her. I asked her what color scheme she would prefer and she decided on navy, yellow and gray. So here is what I created for the reveal party.


The theme…..ChromoZones!! My husband is always teasing people and telling them that he planned and decorated for all the parties I have the honor of creating. This time… he did indeed come up with the “chromozone” idea. So the credit for the idea goes to my husband, thanks honey! (more…)

50th Mustache Birthday Party

50th sherlock party

The hubby turned 50 this year. He didn’t want a big bash, he just wanted to celebrate at home with his family. But we couldn’t let the “BIG 50″ go by without doing something special…. so we threw him his own private Sherlock Holmes “mustache” party. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the mustaches and the “50″ on the banner. (more…)

Lillie Mae’s Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake 3 Little Lillie Mae arrived and her mama was having a Sip and See shower. This mama was in need of diapers, so I decided to make a diaper cake. I couldn’t believe the price of diapers, oh my, has it been that long since I purchased diapers. No wonder this mama needed diapers! I remember it felt like getting a raise when any of our kids were finally potty trained ! (more…)

Mother’s Day Wreath

Maw Maw's wreath fulls shot 2 A little birdie told me that my mother-in-law liked the wreath I made for my sister-in-law last summer. So I made one similar for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. (more…)

“Pea Patch” Garden Baby Shower


A delightful friend, Darla, had just delivered her 9th baby. A few friends wanted to celebrate this event with a baby shower to welcome her little one into the world. My part was to create the decorations. The family’s last name starts with “P” and they refer to their family as the “Pea Patch”, so our theme for the baby shower was a garden theme, to welcome little Peter. (more…)

Laurel’s DIY Handmade Journal

Laurel is an accomplished pianist. So we wanted her journal to reflect her musical talents. We used a fuschia, black and white color scheme.

Fuschia paper was the background and a black vintage paper covered the lower section of the book. We took strips of music paper to indicate a music scale and placed the music notes on top of it.

The “L” initial and music notes were cut out by the Silhouette. Fuschia tulle, black and white paisley ribbon, black and white polka dot, and white grograin were all used to create texture on the spiral binding.

Laurel will be heading off to college in the fall to study music. We hope this journal will come in handy as she begins a new season in her life.

Eva Ruth’s DIY Handmade Journal

Eva Ruth was graduating from 8th grade and to celebrate, her parents threw a graduation party in her honor. Eva’s favorite color is pink.

We used a pink gingham as the background and added a pink and mint green paisley. “Eva Ruth” was cut out using the Silhouette. We highlighted her name using a solid pink rectangle shape. We added some rhinestones to add a feminine touch to the journal. In the upper right hand corner is a pink tag with a rhinestone as well, the ribbons hide the tag from the camera angle.

Tulle, satin, ric rac and grograin ribbon are tied to the spiral top.

We wish Eva Ruth the best in high school and maybe this journal will be used to record some of her favorite high school experiences.

Kathryn’s DIY Handmade Journal

Kathryn’s favorite color is pink, pink, pink! She is a sweet and petite young lady. She loves to play the piano and has begun her own piano business.

We chose the background color as pink and then layered some piano scrapbook paper on top. Kathyrn’s name was cut out using the Silhouette as well as the piano notes. We used lime green tulle, white grograin, pink tulle and organza ribbon to tie all the colors together.

Kathryn is planning on attending her local community college in the fall. We wish her best with her piano teaching business as well!

Ivy’s DIY Handmade Journal

Ivy’s journal was really fun to make. Ivy has beautiful red hair and she designs and sews her own clothes. She loves the movie “Brave”, so we wanted to incorporate some Irish into her notebook.

I took a plaid ribbon and pleated it to look like a kilt at the bottom. The pleats are held in place with hot glue. Then a strip of green was placed on top with a red stripe. Buttons were added to give some more texture. Ivy’s name was cut out using the Silhouette. We added red, green, white, gold and tartan ribbon to the spiral binder at the top.

I love the “tartan” theme of this notebook. We hope Ivy enjoys writing in it too!

Elaine’s DIY Handmade Journal

Elaine’s favorite color is pink. She “loves” to dance and has spent many many hours at the dance studio. Her graduation invitation included a dance photo of her, so I used the photo as the main focus of her journal.

Her family was just transferred to the East, so I wanted her to have a journal to remember her time in America and to have a place to journal about the transition she would be experiencing for the next several years.

Pink and brown were chosen for the color scheme. The initial “E” was cut out using the Silhouette. On the ribbon, we used white ric rak for some of the ribbon. Also pink tulle was cut into strips and used alongside the brown grograin ribbon to add texture.

We will miss Elaine and her family, but know that the Lord will watch over them while they are apart from us.